Are you an athlete, an amateur, or one absent from the world of fitness, who suffers from chronic joint pain?

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Full Range of Motion Functional Fitness

We exist to teach all humans how to move more efficiently, to condition their bodies to be healthier and appear more attractive, and to maintain the integrity of their muscles and joints.

We help all movers, whether athlete, amateur, or one absent from the fitness scene, condition their entire body through a full range of motion using fundamental movement patterns that can be done anywhere.

Categorized as calisthenic cardio and considered functional fitness, our exercise programs primarily instruct specific yet modifiable bodyweight movements, postures, and stretches that cater to people of all ages and abilities. We believe that all fibers should be defined, and no human should be left behind.

All Fibers Left Defined

Our approach focuses on the quality of one’s repetitions (meaning how well they move their joints), rather than the quantity of one’s sets (how much weight one can lift or how many repetitions one can achieve).

No Human Left Behind

The problem with modern day workout programs is that they don’t allow everyone to participate. We provide modifications for every single movement and posture to allow people of all ages and abilities to participate.

Specific and Daily Movement with “Flow“

The only way to ensure a quality workout is to challenge your body every single day, but not so much that you cause fatigue, intense soreness, or chronic joint pain.

Increase Muscle Strength, Endurance and Definition

Many today lift external weight only through partial ranges of motion. This helps develop bulky muscles, but with little definition. Our exercise programs and products will expose your body to the highest volume of activation to efficiently improve your body’s image and abilities.

Improve Joint Stability and Mobility

The human body is designed to move, and efficient movement involves numerous muscles and joints working together simultaneously. Individuals with limited joint stability and mobility often resort to compensated movements, which usually increases risk of injuries.

Significantly Reduce Chronic Joint Pain

One of the most common problems faced by those who exercise and/or go to the gym is joint pain. Our approach promotes specific and proper bodyweight movement through efficient form to exercise your body without causing or worsening joint damage.

Success Stories

Join the community of people and lives that we’ve help transform for the better. We all deserve to look, move, and feel better.

Ergonomic Squat Bar

A one-of-a-kind exercise bar unlike any other fitness equipment you’ve seen before.

Full Range of Motion

It’s the first exercise bar that allows you to achieve a full range of motion squat without restriction, by keeping the added weight from touching the floor.

Easy Rack

It’s the first exercise bar that allows you to easily rack weight with ease in merely seconds.

Multipurpose Exercise Bar

It’s the first exercise bar that can be assembled to accommodate heavier lifters, and disassembled to allow a variety of other exercises for other users.

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