A Unique Approach to Fitness
without Risking Injuries or Extreme Fatigue

Our Mission

Look, Move, and Live Better.

The human body was designed with the intention of accomplishing certain daily movements and tasks while all of our muscles work together and support each other. We exist to teach all humans how to move more efficiently, and to condition their bodies to appear healthy and attractive, while maintaining muscle and joint integrity. Our focus is on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in all aspects of life without significant chronic injuries or joint pain.
Our Vision

We believe that all fibers should be defined, and no human should be left behind.

All Fibers Left Defined

Our approach focuses on the quality of one’s repetitions (meaning how well they move their joints), rather than the quantity of one’s sets (how much weight one can lift or how many repetitions one can achieve).

No Human Left Behind

The problem with modern day workout programs is that they don’t allow everyone to participate. We provide modifications for every single movement and posture to allow people of all ages and abilities to participate.

Specific and Daily Movement with “Flow“

The only way to ensure a quality workout is to challenge your body every single day, but not so much that you cause fatigue, intense soreness, or chronic joint pain.

Increase Muscle Strength, Endurance and Definition

Many today lift external weight only through partial ranges of motion. This helps develop bulky muscles, but with little definition. Our exercise programs and products will expose your body to the highest volume of activation to efficiently improve your body’s image and abilities.

Improve Joint Stability and Mobility

The human body is designed to move, and efficient movement involves numerous muscles and joints working together simultaneously. Individuals with limited joint stability and mobility often resort to compensated movements, which usually increases risk of injuries.

Significantly Reduce Chronic Joint Pain

One of the most common problems faced by those who exercise and/or go to the gym is joint pain. Our approach promotes specific and proper bodyweight movement through efficient form to exercise your body without causing or worsening joint damage.

Our Community

Who We Serve

We help all movers, whether athlete, amateur, or one absent from the fitness scene look, move, and perform better while exercising the body safely and efficiently.


Serious about their body’s health, appearance, and performance. Proficient in sports and physical exercises. Exercising and stretching regularly is part of their routine. Competitive and motivated to reach another level of athletic performance.


Chronic injuries & joint pain
Athletic plateaus
Slow physical progress


Reduce chronic joint pain & injuries
Heighten body coordination
Improve muscular strength & endurance
Achieve maximum overall sports performance


Exercises and goes to the gym, but not on a consistent basis. Somewhat familiar with fitness knowledge and principles.


Chronic injuries & joint pain
Mixed or inconsistent workout results
Low muscular strength & endurance
Lack of joint flexibility & range of motion
Bad experiences with under-qualified trainers


Look physically attractive & perform better
Accomplish easy & effective workouts
Increase muscle definition & endurance
Gain more flexibility & mobility
Reduce chronic joint pain & injuries


Absent from the world of exercise and fitness. Does not work out or go to the gym at all, because they either feel intimidated or think fitness is too complicated.


Chronic joint pain & injuries
Low muscular strength & endurance
Lack of joint flexibility & range of motion
Insecurity about how they look


Significantly reduce their chronic joint pain
Quickly improve their health and fitness
Safely complete daily physical chores
Participate in physical recreation with minimal discomfort

Are you any of those three?

Yes! Start My Journey

Your Movement Coach

Erik Mann

Hi, there! My name is Erik, and I’ve been a movement coach for the past ten years.

I’m also a disabled veteran who was deployed twice in Iraq. Before becoming a movement coach, I was a physical training leader during the last three years of my four-year enlistment in the United States military.

In 2010, following my honorable discharge, I returned to civilian life with severe chronic joint pain from years of intense training and events that transpired during my two tours to Iraq. My joint pain was so severe that I even struggled with getting dressed and tying my shoes in the morning.

Finally, in 2013 I developed a functional fitness regiment that improved the overall function of my body and eliminated my chronic joint pain by focusing on bodyweight exercises that moved my joints through their fullest range of motion.

The switch away from exercising mainly with external weight (gym machines, dumbbells, and barbells) through a partial range of motion completely changed my life. I’m able to work out every single day, improving my body’s ability to move without fail. I also do not experience soreness, injuries, or chronic joint pain.

Today, I’m here to teach you how to utilize your entire body in order to maximize your full physical functional potential.

Our Results

Success Stories

Join the community of people and lives that we’ve help transform for the better. We all deserve to look, move, and feel better.

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