The Ergonomic Squat Bar

This exercise bar will forever change the way you train…

Gain More Muscle with Less Risk of Joint Damage

The Ergonomic Squat Bar is the first and only multipurpose exercise bar of its kind specifically designed to give you the ability to perform a full range of motion squat. The ability to squat deeper allows you to build more muscle, achieve functional mobility, and increase structural balance throughout the body.



An Exercise Bar Unlike Any Other

Full Range Squats

Sitting only 2 inches above the ground, the Ergonomic Squat Bar is the only exercise bar that allows you to squat as deep as humanly possible, while activating more muscles in the process.

Quick and Easy Load

You’ll never struggle with the experience of adding or removing plates! This bar saves you time and effort by simply sliding them on or off without keeping you from your workout!

More Than a Squat Bar

Other than providing the best lower body workout, the Ergonomic Squat Bar is also designed to help you perform a wide range of other exercises for a full body workout.

Benefits of Full Range Squats

The Ergonomic Squat Bar is perfect for athletes looking to maximize their overall sports performance, while reducing the risk of chronic joint pain or injuries.

Greater Power Output and Stronger Legs

A deeper squat requires more work to be produced, and more muscle groups to be activated. Therefore it is the perfect exercise for building maximum lower body strength.

Run Faster and Jump Higher

Research shows that a full range of motion squat is ideal for runners and jumpers, because it improves sprint speed and vertical jump performance by increasing the overall force output and velocity of force development.

Better Balance, Mobility, and Flexibility

Training with a full range of motion squat allows you to achieve functional mobility while developing overall structural balance and joint flexibility.

The Ergonomic Squat Bar vs. The Hex Bar

It’s More Than Just a Squat Bar

7-Pound Dumbbells

The detachable end pieces of the Ergonomic Squat Bar also serve as 7 lb dumbbells for a variety of other focused and dedicated exercises.

Multipurpose 36-Pound Exercise Bar

Other than Full Range of Motion squats, you can also use the bar to perform a wide range of other exercises for a full body workout.

22-Pound Exercise Bar

36 lbs not for you? After removing the end pieces, the Ergonomic Squat Bar turns into a 22 lb exercise bar to fit any fitness level. Simple, yet very effective.

“This bar adds another dimension to my workout! Plus it’s so easy to rack plates on it.“

Jerry Campisi

Let’s Compare

Ergonomic Squat Bar
Hexagon Bar
Olympic Barbell
Full Range of Motion Squat
Easily Load Weights
Maximum Muscle Activation
Better Lifting Form
Less Stress on the Back
Distance Above the Ground
2″ 10″ 8.75″


Brand F.R.O.M. Fitness
Color Black/Silver
Weight 36 lbs
Length 62.25″
Width 24.5″
Height 12″
Max Load 1,000 lbs

Why people love the Ergonomic Squat Bar.

Versatile Functionality

No matter how simple or serious your fitness goals are, the Ergonomic Squat Bar helps you achieve them by giving you the ability to exercise your entire body.

Reduce Chronic Joint Pain

Unlike modern gym machines and usual workout routines, the Ergonomic Squat Bar combined with our F.R.O.M. Fitness Workout Programs ensure that your workout is both efficient and safe while achieving maximum results.

Progressive and Modifiable Training

We weren’t kidding when we said no human should be left behind. Whether you’re a beginner, a professional athlete, or even in rehabilitation, we provide specific yet modifiable instructions so you’ll be able to progressively train with the Ergonomic Squat Bar.

Here’s What You Get


Ergonomic Squat Bar

+ FROM Flow: Bodyweight Movements and Stretching (Level 1)

An introduction bodyweight movement to help you strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and increase joint stability and mobility.

+ Ergonomic Squat Bar 1-2-3 Workout Program

Harness the full power of the Ergonomic Squat Bar to efficiently maximize your fitness results and minimize injuries.

+ F.R.O.M. Fitness T-Shirt

Represent the Full Range of Motion Fitness lifestyle of exercising the body safely and efficiently.